Status Damage, Status Is when You Have a Status Infliction, Causing A large Upgrade To Insanity damage [ However still counting as its own Unique damage Form ] And causing Side effects

Tiredness- Causes Occasional Black-outs,the gateway to other aliments if not treated after 60 minutes has pass.

This aliment is gained though lack of sleep.

Melancholia- Insanity From depression, Running disabled

This aliment is gained from being in a "Horror Show"

Head-ache- Occasional Ramdom Damages, Taking the Form of Poison Damage.

This aliment is gained if player do not recieve a sufficient amount of sleep.

Nervous- Healing effects of items are reduced.

This aliment gained from headache lasting longer then 30 minutes.

Panicking- banana peel throwing Is off target.

Confusion- Controls are reversed.

Thus aliment is gained if Nervous for 30 minutes.

Darkness- Lowers field of vision.

This aliment is gained in dungeon areas, or between 12:00am - 6:00am (in game)