Guests Are the AI In the Game [ All creepy and creative ] Who you Hunt down, Only to be hunted Afterwards.

Eventually once you meet a guest, They will Taunt you With the Soul, And flee Like theres No tommorow, If you Hunt them Down, You can often Find them [ See Spying ] And steal the Soul, Now theres Good news...And bad news, Now while You have a soul You will take less Pain damage [However not Insanity Damage] uh-huh But then The bad news, You need to give it to Death... And more Bad news, As long as The doesnt have the Soul, They'll come for YOU,Even if you Go up to them And return the Soul, They'll Still Torture you... And more bad news... JAMES, James will stalk you... And stalk you...Until someone notices james... Noticing you, AND MORE BAD NEWS, Every Quest Runs Faster than you, So you Hide...Or nothing, And I dont mean to be a Jerk But theres more news, Not bad news...Just news, The Hallways are Thin, Narrow, And hard to get through Whilst running, However this also works to Both The Charging, And the Blankets Advantage, This means, You can put down a Peel, Causing them to Slip, And break every bone In their body [ Or at least Tripping :/ ] And the Disadvantage, Since the Hallways are Narrow, Theres Nowhere to run...